AAC Machinery

How to Work AAC Machinery? How to make AAC Block?

Brickvision Equipment AAC Plant Working procedure -

1. Raw material Preparation Section for AAC Plant

Before Start AAC Production in Brickvion AAC Plant We have to Store Raw material in Storage Systems, Main Raw Material is Flyash which is Easily Available in Power plant, which is Two Types first is Pound Ash and second is Bulker Ash. Manny Small AAC Plant used Pound Ash which can’t store in Silo. If in Your AAC Plant used Bulker Ash Then You can Store This Flyash in Silo, Bulker Flyash is Very Good for AAC Due to it is Very Fine. Why we use Fly ash In AAC Production? Because For Any Concrete Bounding We Required Silica Which is Present in Flyash. This Fly ash is transported by Screw Conveyor to Pree Mixer in Pree mixer we mix Water and Flyash with its Desire Proportion after Mixing it Transfer to Batching Section.

Third Raw Material Used in Brickvision AAC Plant is Called Cement, Which is Act as main Strength Gainer, We can Store This Cement in Silo or In Bag From, if You Ask which Cement is best with AAC Plant? Then We Required Only OPC 53Grade Cement also We Can Use Additive Chemical for increasing Concrete Strength, Fourth and fifth Raw material is Quick Lime Powder and Gypsum. Quick Lime and Gypsum is store other Bag or in Silo as per convenient. This Both Material we Use in Dry Form, Quick Lime is Help To Achieve Cutting Time and Gypsum Is Long Term Strength Gainer

This all Dry material is Transfer to Batching Section by Using Screw Conveyor. For Chemical and Aluminum Powder You Can Use Pree Mixer.

2. Batching Section for AAC Plant

In AAC Plant Supply Br Brickvision Batching Section is Core Machine which is Control Wastage Because Mixing is Main Part of AAC Block Plant Production. First fly ash Slurry will be sent to electronic scale in the batching building by pump at the bottom slurry tank to be measured. When the slurry concentration arrives at batching requirement, the control system will turn off the pump to stop pump slurry. The measured the slurry will be directly discharged into casting mixer. As Same Lime and cement will be sent to Dry Material Weighing electronic scale in the batching building by single screw conveyer at the bottom of their silos. When measuring arrives at the required quantity, they will be sent to casting mixer by Butter Fly Valve.

All Material Comes in Casting Mixer as per priority Wise, at the time of Working Mixing temperature need to Comes at Pree Define Set point We Brickvision AAC Plant Can Achieve this Temperature Using Steam before casting. And mould will be moved to the bottom of the casting mixer by ferry car. After Mixing Finally We can Drop Aluminum Because Aluminum is Main Rising Agent in AAC.

3. Casting Section for AAC Plant

In Brickvision AAC Block Plant Most of Our systems Till Casting Section is Same, Small Changes is Happening Due to Auto Manual or Customized AAC Plant. From This Stage Plant Divided in Three Parts in Witch Mold Size is changed as per its Model.

After Casting AAC Block Trolley it transfer to Pree Curing Section till its Reddy for Demoulding and Cutting, this time is Monitoring Time. At the time of Rising We Have to Maintain Pree Curing Temperature. It can Takes minimum one Hour to maximum 6 Hour and More Depend upon Lime Quality. Cutting Time can Measure by using AAC Brico test Machine. When trolley is Reddy for cutting it send to Demoulding Section.

4. Demoulding and Cutting Section for AAC Plant

Demoulding Machine is Used to Remove mould cover from cake, Brickvision Launch Automatic Heavy duty Demoulding Machine for AAC Block Production, in Mega Series Brickvision Launch Demoulding Through Tilting Crain. After Demoulding Cake Reddy for Cutting. At the time of cutting some waste produce through its cutting process which is collected by using wastage recycling section and store in separate mixer and this waste slurry used as another aggregate slurry and it transfer to batching section.

In cutting section Brickvision have many series like mark cut, Power Cut, and Mega cut and many more depend upon System Design and customer requirement. In this Stage cake cuts in Small Block, Stamping of brand is placed after cutting. After Cutting Cake Hold Belfour Autoclaving Section till first autoclave cycle done.

5. High Pressure Boiler Section for AAC Plant

High Pressure Boiler- in AAC Plant We Required High Pressure Boiler for AAC We have to Specially Designed Boiler Which Can Helps to Achieve Good Strength to AAC Block. We have to use Specially Designed Boiler because at the time of Autoclaving Boiler Play Main Role because Autoclave is Only Steam Chamber and it fill through Boiler. At The time fo Boiler Selection First We Have Required IBR Certify Boiler is must. Then many other specification is required which help to Smooth operation. Steam Generation is doing By Wood, Cole and Manny other Raw material. This Steam Transfer using Steam Pipeline which is also IBR Approved to PRS System and then Connected to Autoclave.

6. Autoclaving Section for AAC Plant

Autoclave is Most Powerful Machine in AAC Block Plant, Because Its Helps to Achieve Instant Strength in AAC Block. After Cutting Cakes Placed in Autoclave with the help of Track and then Close Both Door of Autoclave and Start Curing Process. In this Process we have to Monitor Steam Pressure as per graph. This Process takes max 12 Hours and then we can Transfer Steam to Third Autoclave and balance steam release. After that Autoclave operator open Door and pull out Reddy Finished AAC Block. Then it segregate as per sizes and date wise production

Brickvision Equipments Pvt Ltd. Works in this Fiend from year 2006 and we work on many lightweight technologies. Mr. Deepak Mane is having very hard knowledge in all types of lightweight concrete, also we have in house Production, Development and Servicing team also he have Key power of automation and systems Designing that’s why we have Make Brand Brickvision and achieve our Customer Satisfaction Goal. Machinery is playing main role in Good Quality AAC Production.

How Brickvision Helps to Makes AAC Block?

  • Need to Visit Site and make Layout First.
  • We, at Brickvision, Work as a Team of long Experienced Vessel Engineers, Structural Engineers and Deep Study in AAC Production Line.
  • We will Definitely Provide Good Machinery Because We want to explore our Branding
  • We will Provide All Plant Layout and Foundation Drawing Free of Cost
  • One Year Free Support
  • We Will Support to our client till best Production is Achieved and thereafter for lifetime.
  • Each component is in-house designed & manufactured too. That’s the reason so we can give batter service and support whenever required.
  • Less investment on Plant and Machinery
  • Lowest Production Cost and Trouble Free Machine Working
  • We will Provide Direct Contact of Supplier For Raw Material
  • Less Wastage Production
  • Precision in size Variation as per IS Standard
  • Compressive strength up to 35-40 kg/cm2 (as per IS :2185)
  • we can provide recipe as per your Required Strength
  • New Development Support and Technology transfer for Production is free for life time.

Convert CLC Plant to AAC Block Plant

If you are starting with CLC Plant and Now you are suffering due to Problem in CLC Production. Don’t Worry Brickvision Equipments Pvt Ltd Helps to convert Your CLC Plant to AAC Plant. For that you have to visit our Office with All CLC Machinery Specification and Photograph We will discuss about Your Machinery and then we will Defiantly Convert your clc Block plant to AAC Block plant.

For startup many people start CLC Plant, But Due to High Manufacturing Cost and Some Technical issue CLC Plant Can’t Run. In This plant Having Battery Mold or Cutting Machine Plant that Cutting machine Plant Easily Convert to AAC Plant Also We Will Convert Battery Mold Plant Also for Conversion We have to do many Repairs, Changes in Previous Machinery and we have to ADD Additional Machinery. In this way we Convert CLC to AAC Plant.

Raw Material Composition in AAC Plant

Raw Material Composition in Flyash Based AAC Plant

Name Unite Cement lime fly ash
Fly ash % 70-80
Cement % 14-19
Lime % 4-8
Gypsum % 0.5-1
Aluminum powder % 0.05
Bounding Agent % 8-10
Water 40-60
Casting system Time Minute 5-10
Aluminum mixing time Second 20-25


Raw Material Composition in Sand Based AAC Plant

Name Unite Cement lime fly ash
Sand % 55-65
Cement % 20-25
Lime % 6-10
Gypsum % 0.5-1
Aluminum powder % 0.05
Bounding Agent % 2-4
Water 40-60
Casting system Time Minute 5-10
Aluminum mixing time Second 20-25


Raw Material Composition in Mixed AAC Plant

Name Unite Cement lime fly ash
Flyash % 40-60
Sand % 30-50
Cement % 16-18
Lime % 6-10
Gypsum % 0.5-1
Aluminum powder % 0.05
Bounding Agent % 2-4
Water 40-60
Casting system Time Minute 5-10
Aluminum mixing time Second 20-25