Power Series

power-series Brickvision Equipment


Capacity : 30 CBM – 200 CBM (Per Day)

Brickvision Designs Power Series AAC Block Making Plant, This is Most Innovative Series Launching by Brickvision, Also this is best Seller Product in last Two Years, Because Our Main Focus to Design this Power Series is our Indian Climate and ability of Raw material, this is having in three types of Model Automatic, Semiautomatic and Manual.

Technical Specifications of AAC Block Mfg. from Power Series

Dimensional Precision of block Width +/- 1 mm
Dimensional Precision of block hight +/- 1 mm
Dimensional Precision of block hight +/- 2 mm
Compressive Strength  to IS 2185/1984 35 kg to 40 kg cm2 /3.5 to4.0 n/mm2 conforming
Fire Resistance  thickness 1600° Celsius for 6 hours for a block with 200mm
Density 550-750 kg/m3 (dry)
Sound Reduction index (db) 45db for 200 mm thick wall
Sound Reduction index (db) 0.16 kelvin per meter.
Colour      Light Grey