AAC Blocks Production in Brickvision.

1) Raw Material Preparation -

AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) is Produced By Mixing the Raw Materials Sand or Pulverised Fuel Ash, Cement, Anhydrite (Gypsum), Lime, Water & a Small Quantity of Aluminium Powder.

2) Mixing & Dosing System -

Birckvision’s Fully Automated Mixing & Dosing Plant WECOMIX Enables Accurate Dosing, Weighing & Mixing of all Raw Materials. The Mixture is then Poured into Moulds, Where Chemical Reactions Cause it to Rise like a Cake.

3) AAC Cutting -

After the cake has attained sufficient strength, It is removed from the mould & cut with wires & knives into blocks or panels with precision accuracy. Hand holds, tongue & groove are cut before the cake is autoclaved in order to avoid milling into the hardened material a sustainable cost saving measure & an element of our zero system waste concept.

4) Autoclaving -

After cutting, the AAC blocks is hardened by autoclaving in a saturated steam atmosphere at a temperature of approx. 180 – 190°C. It is this steam curing that creates the unique crystalline structure & lends AAC its excellent qualities in comparison to building materials which are not steam cured.

5) Storag & Packing -

After Autoclaving the blocks are packed and are then ready for dispatch to the construction site.

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