Mobile Concreat Batching Plant

Mobile Concreat Batching Plant, Reversible Drum Mixer RM800

Product Name :Mobile Concreat Batching Plant, Reversible Drum Mixer
Model : Manual, Semi auto Mobile Concreat Batching Plant Only
Price : 520000.00
Minimum Order Quantity : 01 Nos
Application : Concrete Making
Brand : Brickvision
Production Capacity : Form 10 M3/Hr to 12 M3/hr
Delivery Time : 30 Working Days
Packing Details : Loose Packing in Special Transport
Payment Terms : Cash /Transfer/Cheque/DD
Main Motor : 10 H.P. and 15 H.P.

For Small and Medium Construction or Builder Can’t Offer Mobile Concreat Batching Plant So Brickvision Launching Mini Mobile Concreat Batching Plant as Also Called Reversible Drum Mixer has become most reliable for quality output and maintenance free operation. One of the most widely used machine tool is the Reversible Drum mixer. They are the typical reversible type concrete mixer where concreting is done using a revolving drum. Designed to deliver sturdy construction a reversible drum mixer is a well-engineered piece of construction machinery for carrying mixing mortar from the place where it is to be poured. It also gives enough time to the workers to mix the composition before the concrete hardens.

Mobile Concreat Batching Plant / Reversible drum mixers from Brickvision, one of the well-known construction equipment supplier, are specialized construction equipment used to mix the concrete of cement, sand and other aggregates and carry the same from the batching plant to the area where it has to be poured. These are essential construction equipment generally used in the construction of canals, buildings, dams and highways and are a mandate part of the mobile batching plant. A reversible drum mixer from Brickvision, the leading construction manufacturing unit of India is a cost saving construction equipment in several ways.The operational system of the machine is silent and hence produces very little noise. It requires very low maintenance. It is portable because of its compact design and can be easily carried to the construction sites, It does not produce any concrete dust and thus the environment remains clean Diesel reversible concrete mixer is best used for remote sites, where there is no electricity. It enables smooth mixing

Cost Saving Features For Mobile Concreat Batching Plant: Manufactured with high quality raw materials Time saving high capacity mixing drum Undergo several quality tests Heavy duty, balanced chassis Twin roller.

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